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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Best Birthday

My apologies for the long break between entries. We've had lots of great things going on with our family and some serious work stress on my part that has interfered with regular entries. A friend pointed out recently that Anneke and I had an 'audience' and really should blog regularly, so here goes my attempt to catch up.

I was looking over some pictures the other day, and came across this one from Anneke's birthday a few years ago. It was memorable, as it was in the Sports Hall of Fame, lots of friends came,(mostly hockey team friends) and it was the very first birthday in her decade of life, that s/he did not get one 'girly' present. No jewelery boxes, nothing pink, no sporty Barbie. It was awesome! Most of her team pitched in for a Cannucks Luongo jersey, ending any love for the Leafs she had left.
S/he is now officially a Cannucks fan, and the other day I even heard her say the Leaf's suck - while true, this hurt my Torontonian heart.

I know it may not seem like that big a deal for a kid to get the right presents at her birthday, but when you go most of your life and no-one seems to see the real you, it must get to you after a while. It would be so sad to see her birthday after birthday, opening gifts with excitement only to see her face fall when s/he would receive a doll or girls-rule craft kit.

This was a very good birthday. As Anneke noted - the best ever.

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