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Monday, September 3, 2012

Sanfran this year

Cory, Molly and I at the Golden Gate Bridge after the Gender Spectrum Families Conference

Back to School!

First so sorry to any regular readers for the long break. It's very hard to know what is ok and not ok to share in the life of a 15 year old transgendered boy. As the summer past however Cory often would laugh at our unique situations and say 'mom, you should blog about this."

So here we go....lots to report!

Tomorrow is the first day of school here in Vancouver. It's the first September Cory will be starting school as Cory and as a boy in the Hockey Academy near our house. He unfortunately has a concussion from taking a puck to the head last week, but luckily it's not severe.

After much adjustment last year the boys (and girls) in the Hockey Academy accept him as one of the guys. Do I still hold my breath a bit every time he goes to school?


Do I still worry about depression, bullying, dating, hormones, and about 100 other unique things parents of gender variant kids worry about?


What I take comfort in is what a great mature brave son I have. And then I try to breathe.