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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Icing on the cake

It's not only a huge accomplishment that Cory is playing boys hockey with the boys and excelling. The icing on the cake is when the team votes him most valuable player, awarding him the team helmet two games this month.
He was embarrassed when I took this photo but I could tell he was proud.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011



The term stealth is used to refer to a person who passes as their desired gender at all times, and who has broken contact with everybody who knew their gender history. Thus, everybody around them is unaware that they were not always of the gender presented, and they are effectively invisible within the population of their current gender. In order to live in stealth,[6] an individual has to be extremely passable.

While Cory is not stealth in most of his life he has been stealth this year in boys hockey.

Last Friday was Cory's last game in his new hockey league. As I will detail in a future post we advocated fiercely for Cory to be considered male in his hockey association. It worked and he just finished his first season going stealth as a male player. A huge victory for Cory. It meant the world to him to be one of the guys and to make hockey history.

It's a boy!!!

Well folks. After a long break from blogging, I am happy to report Anneke and I are back to writing. We have a lot of catching up to do, so hopefully the next few weeks will be full of updates that will string the past year together.

The biggest news.....A. has decided to transition to be male.
S/he struggled with this for a while. Being gender fluid for so long s/he really wanted to be considered female but be allowed to take testosterone and have the body he wants. Seems this is so off the grid, our endocrinologist would not approve.

A.'s new name is Cory. It suits him. It's a great name.
Funnily enough it was not on our shortlist of names when we were expecting him almost 15 years ago. Thank you to Cory Schnieder for the inspiration. ;)

The long break from blogging was at Cory's request as he figured out what he wanted to do. Seems the main consideration was hockey. Switching from girls hockey to boys hockey is no small feat. In doing so, he has made history and his dreams of playing in the NHL are alive and well.

Cory has been on testosterone now for 6 weeks. He has grown over 2 inches, his voice is changing, and he is even growing a bit of a movember stach.

I have a son .... an amazing, brave, wonderful son, who is an inspiration and promises to change the world.