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Wednesday, November 23, 2011



The term stealth is used to refer to a person who passes as their desired gender at all times, and who has broken contact with everybody who knew their gender history. Thus, everybody around them is unaware that they were not always of the gender presented, and they are effectively invisible within the population of their current gender. In order to live in stealth,[6] an individual has to be extremely passable.

While Cory is not stealth in most of his life he has been stealth this year in boys hockey.

Last Friday was Cory's last game in his new hockey league. As I will detail in a future post we advocated fiercely for Cory to be considered male in his hockey association. It worked and he just finished his first season going stealth as a male player. A huge victory for Cory. It meant the world to him to be one of the guys and to make hockey history.

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