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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It never hurts to ask

As most of you know there has been an NHL lockout until recently. This has meant no professional hockey for the first half of the season.
When I heard that hockey was back so close to Cory's 16th birthday I had an idea.

What if Cory could be one of those kids that gets to skate on the ice with the players at the beginning of the game?

It's usually a much younger player and I have often coo'ed at how cute the teeny goalie is standing next to the pro. I never really thought it could be Cory. I figured there was an officially process for that player to be selected, but with folks not knowing if a season would even happen.....maybe....

It never hurts to ask.

So I called the Vancouver Canucks. For those who don't know, Cory chose his name as a shoutout to his favourite player, Cory Schneider. Starting this season Cory Scneider is the starting goaltender for the Canucks. How great would that be?!?

I left a long, disjointed message with the community relations person for the Canucks. I did not mention Cory was trans. I mentioned that he had tickets to the game on his 16th birthday and that he was an East side kid that loved Cory Schneider. Rod, the poor soul, who got my rambly mom message, wrote down the info, took interest and lost the information.

The Canucks are deeply committed and connected to their fans and their community....he tracked us down by calling the school. How great is that?!? I also persisted by calling the Canucks again. The first time the protective receptionist would not put me through, as my request was not a priority. Never mess with a mom on a mission. I called back and convinced another reception staff to put me through.

Speaking with Rod I got to tell him about Cory and his transition from female to male, from girls hockey to boys. There was, as there often is, a pregnant pause. Then he said "that's amazing! What a great story? So would Cory like to come on the ice on Wednesday?"

Is rain wet? Yes! Yes! Yes!
Best birthday present ever!!!


  1. OMG Nicole. That should have been part of the story - that YOU made this happen. You are unbelievable. I am in awe.