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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My amazing kid!!!


  1. This is cool beyond words - that it happened and that the story is on We just had a mind-blowing conversation with Daniel, after he read this article. He's as interested in how Cory got to be goaltender beside Cory Schneider as he is with the transformational part of the story.

  2. !!!!!

    I stumbled onto your blog a long time ago now and read it with awe and admiration. I stopped looking at it awhile ago when the posts stopped coming out - but then just today I stumbled on this news piece on the Canucks FB page. HOW TOTALLY AMAZING!!!! I am so incredibly thrilled for Cory - I have tears in my eyes! I also have ever greater respect for the incredible Cory Schneider and the Canucks for making this happen. WOO!!!!!

  3. What a wonderful story! I'm so happy for Cory... and I think you are a terrific mom! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts. :-)